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Pietra Ligure

Pietra Ligure is a small town of Savona province in the Italian region of Liguria. Pietra Ligure is located just about 60 km from Genoa and 20 km from the capital of the province the city of Savona with its famous Savona Cruise port. The population of the town is about 10,000 people.

Pietra Ligure in the old times was a Byzantine stronghold with the name of Castrum Petrae (“la Pietra”) and was located to the east of the present town. In the twelfth century it was given to the bishop of Albenga, who had it rebuilt, and in 1385 was sold to Genoa by Pope Urban VII. Not so long ago the fortress was reconstructed and now there is kept an exhibition of porcelain, prints and antique furniture. It also has a huge library and if you are tired of reading you can always visit local bar or restaurant, where are served traditional such Ligurian dishes as local spaghetti Pesto alla Genovese or wonderful biscuits. There are also served quite good wines that can be compared with the wonderful wines of Tuscany.

The oldest monument of Pietra Ligure is the oratory of the Bianchi of the 10th century, which is now used as an auditorium. The church is located on the Piazza Vecchia or Piazza del Mercato. It used to be the parish church, dedicated to the town’s patron saint, Nicholas, and was restructured in the baroque era. The modern church is looks as it was reconstructed in the 18th century. There is also kept a collection of pictures and a wooden choir of the sixteenth century.

In addition to this Pietra Ligure is a popular health resort. It has quite developed hospital facilities including the complex of Santa Corona, which serves as a major rehabilitation center. To stay in Pietra Ligure for a holiday or to improve your health you can always book a holiday apartments in Pietra-ligure according to your personal taste and, of course, to your money. But the cost of these houses is not very high and they provide a lot of services including private and open space beaches.

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